Blessed Beginnings Inc., Oakland, CA




Blessed Beginnings is a fully state licensed family day-care center facility also known as a home day-care center, that provides child care service for families in East Oakland specializing in infant care and pre-school and after school care up to age 10. We are licensed to acommodate a maximum of 14 children.  





In 2007, Frankie and husband Robert began Blessed Beginnings Day Care.  They are a God-fearing couple who genuinly love children and passionate about suppporting families and single parents in particular.  In 2009, Blessed Beginnings officially became a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit organization to better serve the diverse demographics and provide child care services in Oakland commuimities.   Our parents are primarily economically disadvantage and often single from underserved communities and rely upon local county and non-profit resources that foster the needs of the children.   



Blessed Beginnings Day Care mission is to provide dedicated care for infants and pre-school age children in a healthy and safe environment with love, patience and encouragement that builds positive self-esteem while introducing healthy balance of peer sharing and educational activities and play.  


Warm meals are provided and healthy snakes.  Safe and reliable transportation provided upon special arrangement.  We give plenty of love and hugs. 





Frankie and Robert Williams

Owners and Operators